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Getting older is something we all don’t want to happen, but it anyway takes its course. And with the old age, comes a lot of issues – back pain, grey hair, poor eyesight, etc. It is important to understand how to keep yourself active and fit with the growing age.

Common Health Issues Associated with Old Age and How to Deal with them:

1. Chronic health problems

About 92% of the old age individuals suffer from one chronic disease or the other. This includes heart disease, diabetes, etc. How to prevent? Chronic diseases show prevailing symptoms. It is wise to have an annual check-up twice a year and maintain a healthy diet by also keeping exercise routine in check. The main cause of the chronic disease is obesity. It is wise to keep the check on health at an early stage only.

2. Cognitive health

Cognitive health impacts an individual’s ability to think, remember and learn. In old age people, dementia is common. The most common form is Alzheimer’s disease which is caused in people who are 65+ years of age. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s for now. However, physicians prescribe an effective treatment plan and medications to somewhat control further damage to the nervous system of Brain.

3. Mental Health

60+ years of age is an alarm to many mental problems. One of the common ones is depression! This leads to 18% of suicide deaths worldwide. How to cure? Depression is more of a feeling and hence can be cured by staying in a positive environment and following a healthy lifestyle even when you retire.

4. Physical Injury

Physical injury is more of a moment thing! Though we understand that there is no escape from this, we suggest taking the best precaution while walking. With age, the bones tend to shrink and muscles get lose. Thus, affecting the flexibility and causing easy bone fractures. However, there are few underlying causes if you get frequent physical injuries – osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. We would suggest you make a Visit to the Physician or set an Online Appointment with a Physician.

5. HIV/AIDS and other STDs

According to research by CDC, 21% of AIDS patients are of 50+ years. With weaken the immune system in old age, sexually transmitted diseases are more likely to hit and effect. Make sure you get full body checkup twice a year so as to stay safe from the damage.

6. Malnutrition

Malnutrition in the adults might not sound like a thing! But believe us, with the unconscious eating habits in adulthood and reducing the diet in the old age, it can lead to malnutrition once you turn 55+ of years. How to overcome? Increase consumption of fruits, salt proteins and saturated fat in the diet.

7. Sensory Impairments

Sensory impairment includes –  vision and hearing. With the individuals turning 70+ years, this is the most common disorder they face. Luckily, disorders to sensory organs are diagnosable and treatable.

8. Oral Health

One of the most overlooked health division is, oral health! According to research by CDC, about 25% of the individuals above 65 make use of cast teeth. And therefore comes the hygiene habits to follow with it. Maintaining a healthy diet, and taking care of the regular cleaning and using the best oral hygiene is the key here to have healthy gums. Make sure you undergo monthly dental check-ups and follow a proper oral hygiene routine. You can Book an Online Appointment with the Dentist at the comfort of your home

9. Respiratory Disease

Respiratory diseases are more likely to hit in old age than at an early stage in life. With the pollution and smoke inhale throughout life, the lungs get affected and show the symptoms at a later stage in life. This not only affects the breathing but also makes you vulnerable to pneumonia. Increasing heart risk, lung infection, etc in an individual. In a few individuals, it can also lead to Asthma

10. Substance Abuse

Substance abuse, most commonly known as the effects on the body due to alcohol or other drugs. At old age, the number tends to double in the increased cases as they overlook the symptoms at a young age and miss the regular medical check-ups. Best advise is to not miss your regular medical check-ups even when you are at adulthood.

Planning a healthy future starts today! If you are reading this, you must be knowing the importance of health by now. While planning the financial future is important, planning a healthy future is important too. For any more consultation and advice for senior citizens.



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