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Many Indian superfoods have come to the forefront due to the ongoing pandemic.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one such superfood, popular for its high vitamin C content, which in turn is very important to maintain good immunity levels.

Did you know that a single Amla berry contains as much vitamin C as that of 20 Oranges? No wonder it quickly became one of the popular foods during the pandemic.

Many ancient records show that incorporating Amla into one’s diet provides many health benefits.

Top 14 Reasons to Include this Nutrient-dense Food into our Daily Diet.

1. It is the purest form of Vitamin C

As mentioned above, if you are looking to boost your overall immunity levels by upping your vitamin C levels, including Amla into your everyday diet is the best way.

If eating a whole Amla fruit is not your thing, you can always include it into your daily diet through its other forms like powder or juice.

2. Protection from the common cold

While we are on the topic of immunity, consuming Amla every day also protects us from the common cold, which is even more prevalent during the winter season.

The vitamin C from an Amla is also known to be more effectively absorbed by the human body compared to a health supplement.

3. Reduces cholesterol

Amla boosts heart health by reducing bad cholesterol and ensuring that good cholesterol is maintained at optimal levels.

Having it in your daily diet effectively reduces the accumulated fat in the arteries and veins.

4. Helps in weight loss

Amla is also known to have high fat-burning properties by reducing the fat deposits in the body and boosting metabolism.

It also helps in reducing fluid retention by excreting the toxins from the body through the urine. As a result, it helps in controlling obesity.

5. Alleviates pain

One of its numerous health properties is to heal muscle pains, joints, and even ulcer wounds due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Reduces risk of cancer

Amla is rich in antioxidants and free radicals, making it an effective food to greatly cut down your risk of developing cancer. It does that by reducing cell damage in the body.

7. Glowing skin

Not many people are aware of the fact that amla can also help in maintaining healthy and glowing skin, both from inside and out.

You can achieve that by including it into your daily diet as well as making it into a face pack by mixing amla powder, honey, and curd and applying it onto your face. You may wash it off once it completely dries.

Following this will leave your skin smooth and clear.

8. Cures constipation and acidity

Its high fiber content makes it a simple yet effective remedy for relieving digestive issues like constipation and acidity. The next time you sense trouble in your tummy, simply mix some amla powder with water and gulp it.

9. Slows aging

Many studies have shown that including amla in your daily diet can dramatically reduce the signs of aging. You may have it in any form to yield its anti-aging benefits.

10. Good for diabetics

Its high chromium content makes it the best food to regulate blood glucose levels and make it responsive to insulin. This ensures that your diabetes levels are under control.

11. Purifies blood naturally

Regular intake of Amla is known to purify blood naturally and also boost hemoglobin levels. While having it in its raw form is effective, you may also choose to have its juice mixed with honey or jaggery for easier consumption.

12. Boosts vision

Its carotene content helps in aiding better vision and reducing cataract issues. To reap this benefit, make sure you include one raw amla in your everyday diet.

13. Helps in hair growth

Yes, including it in your daily diet can also boost your hair growth and strength. You may also take its powder form, mix it with henna can significantly reduce dandruff and boost overall hair health.

14. It is a natural energizer

After going through the above-mentioned benefits of eating amla in our daily diet, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it can also help in boosting your energy and stamina. Consuming it will reduce the toxins in your body and alleviate stress and fatigue and in turn energizes your body.

Given the above benefits, it really is a no-brainer to include it into our diet. However, if you are not a big fan of consuming it in its raw and natural form, you may choose to have it in the form of powder, juice, or even a pickle.



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