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2020 is the year that brought a lot of lifestyle changes with it. The most obvious one being work from home, courtesy, the pandemic.

While it is an excellent opportunity for most people as this gives them more time to be in front of their family or attend to their household works, it is a curse for the rest.

It is a curse because of the sudden change in how one spends their maximum time on an activity in a day can majorly affect their health.

With the way how things are unraveling, the work from home concept seems to stay on, with many companies even converting to remote-only jobs.

So, to prioritize health while making the most of your working from home job, here are the 7 common challenges you might or are already facing and how to overcome them.

1. Not having a proper workstation

Due to the sudden shift in our work life and not having the time to properly set up a dedicated workspace at home, most people are struggling with the ergonomics of working at home.

This means they do not have a proper table and chair to sit and work in the right posture. It eventually hinders their health and develops into other complications.

The best option to counter this challenge is to get the right furniture to sit and work in a proper posture. If you cannot afford to buy new furniture, the least you can do is to sit straight while working and stretch your body at regular intervals.

2. Working too much

Yes, it is possible.

Working from home has blurred the lines between work and life balance as more and more people are working for more than 10 hours in a workday and a few others even work on the weekends.

The possible reason for this might have to do with having your office and home in the same room.

However, you can always take charge of your work-life balance with a few tricks and changes.

  • Set working hours and adhere to them. You may also take it further by informing your teammates about it.
  • Create physical boundaries in your home on where to work and where to sleep or do remaining activities.
  • Set reminders to do fun activities at the end of your workday. It can be stuff like going for a walk, grocery shopping, or simply reading a book. Anything to unwind will do.
  • Turn off work notifications once you log out of work.

3. Stress

Irrespective of working from home or office, stress has always been a factor that affects a majority of working people.

But, working from home has only worsened this, given the long working hours and the pandemic situation or simply due to being cooped at home all day.

To alleviate yourself from stress, the primary thing to do is to clock in at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep.

Take regular breaks during your work-time to refresh your mind and indulge in activities like listening to pleasant music, cooking, or even playing with your pet.

Another effective way to destress is to practice meditation daily.

4. Loneliness

Whether at home with family or alone, feeling lonely and deprived of social contact can get onto your nerves, especially with the need to being socially distant in today’s situation.

This can in turn affect your mental health and cause other health conditions.

The best way to combat is to be in contact with your friends and family virtually. Have a video call with your loved ones regularly or be there for someone in need.

5. Sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the unhealthiest and dangerous lifestyle routines that is causing a lot of damage to today’s generation.

While it is easy to blame our work for it, we can always make simple changes to our lifestyle to overcome this.

Start with making it a point to be active for at least 30 minutes every day.

You may indulge in walking, running, yoga, or doing lite exercise at your home. But make sure you are consistent and include physical activities in your daily life.

6. Neck and body pains

As mentioned above, due to improper workstations, ergonomics, or even lack of physical activities and regular breaks, you may start noticing neck and body pains.

The unreasonably long hours can also worsen this. In order to avoid this, simply take a break from your work every 45 minutes and do some light stretching. Make sure you stretch every part of your body.

By properly following the above simple hacks, you can bring a lot of difference to your mental and physical health while normalizing the working from home phase.

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