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Most people are aware of the negative effects of the winter season on one’s health, however, the cold weather brings with it a few health benefits as well.

For long, the winter season has been looked at as the season of sickness and diseases, however, recent studies say otherwise.

From reduced weight and inflammation to boosted brain, many researchers have mentioned the positive effects of the colder weather on the human body.

So, in this article, let’s put aside the negative impacts of a cold weather and at the brighter side of it. Here are the top 9 surprising health benefits of the winter season.

1. Burn calories

Well, this might probably be the most exciting reason for most of you folks, so, we put it right at the top of the list.

Yes, it is true. The cold weather may have something to do with burning more calories. The cold weather prompts our bodies to burn more calories in order to keep our bodies warm.

As a result, we tend to loose weight, while not too significantly, we do reduce, nonetheless. To take this burning calories to the next level, try running or working out in the cold, after taking necessary precautions, of course.

2. Boost brain activity

Optimally cool temperatures are essential for the human brain to function at its maximum potential.

That is the reason why we feel overworked or find it hard to think clearly in the summer heat. The glucose, which is important for mental processes is sucked out of us.

So, compared to summers, it is easier to think clearly or perform a cognitive task in the winters.

3. Better sleep

Similar to brain functioning, our bodies are also designed to get quality sleep easily when the body’s core temperature is at optimum level.

In summers, it takes around 2 hours for our bodies to regulate and bring the core temperature to an optimum level. So, in winters, this waiting time is cut short, making us fall asleep quicker and also get quality.

4. Does good to heart

The cold temperatures pushes the human heart to work hard and push more oxygenated blood throughout the body to keep it warm.

In this process, the heart muscles actually get stronger.

5. Increased brown fat

Brown fat is good fat that is packed with iron-rich mitochondria.

When brown fat is burned, they release energy in the form of heat through a process called thermogenesis. So, the more brown fat you have, the better your metabolism will be.

And guess what, undergoing cold temperatures is one way to increase your brown fat.

6. Prevents infections

Well, this statement can be contradictory to the earlier articles we wrote, where we mentioned that colder temperatures increases the chances of contracting infections as viruses travel easily through dry air.

However, studies have found out that the colder temperatures can trigger a boost to our immune system, which may help us in preventing infections.

While winters boost our immunity, we can still contract an infection or a deadly virus like COVID-19. So, you better stick to maintaining proper personal and surrounding hygiene.

7. Reduces inflammation

During winters, our joints feel less puffy and swollen. This is because, the cold weather reduces inflammation in our body.

This is also the reason why we use an ice pack to reduce pain and swelling after an injury.

8. Decrease in mosquito-borne diseases

One extra reason to be glad during the winters is that, mosquitoes go into hibernation during winters. This means, a reduced risk of contracting some of those deadly diseases like malaria and dengue.

9. Boosts skin health

Compared to the summers, our skin is much healthier and glowing during the winters. As a bonus, there is far lesser production of oil and sebum, which results in lesser breakouts during the winter.

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