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Winter is a difficult season to go through, especially to those with ailments.

One such example is Arthritis. While it is a painful condition, it is further aggravated due to the chilly temperatures.

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints where it becomes stiff and causes pain. The cold makes the pain receptors in the stiff muscle more sensitive.

Another reason for severe arthritis flare up during winters is that the cold temperatures reduces the blood circulation to the fingers and toes, this results in an arthritis flare up.

While arthritis itself is a painful condition, especially in older people, it is a difficult time to go through during the winters. So, let us look at the top 10 tips you can try today to ease its pain.

1. Dress warmly

The simplest way to avoid the cold winds reach your arthritis effected joints is to Cover your complete body with warm clothing.

Make sure your hands, keens, legs, and other arthritis prone areas are properly covered from the cold temperature.

By covering yourself with clothing, your body heat is trapped in, eventually keeping your joints safe from the flare up.

You may also wear other accessories like gloves, hats, scarfs, and tight thermal wear.

2. Drink lots of water

Even slight dehydration can cause more discomfort and make you sensitive to arthritis pain.

So, make sure you keep drinking water regularly to ensure your body is well hydrated. This eventually helps your joints be active and eases the pain.

3. Exercise

The moment we mention exercise, you start thinking it is impossible, given your arthritis condition and the pain.

However, even people with stiff joints must stay physically active. Now, exercising does not mean you have to lift heavy weights.

It can be something as simple yet effective as going for a long walk. Going out for a walk in winters can again be bad for your joints, so, you may come up with an indoor exercise plan or get a treadmill.

4. Loose weight

While this is an advice to ease arthiritis pain in all the seasons, it is an effective one.

To loose weight, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and more importantly an active one.

In the process of loosing weight, your joints get the require movement that is important for easing pain and making your muscles stronger.

And, if you think about it, lesser pain also means lesser weight for your joints to move or lift.

5. Get a warm bath

Nothing is more soothing and comforting than a long warm baths in the winter, right?

Now, you have another reason to stay extra bit longer while having a warm and comforting bath. Having a hot bath relieves the pain in the joints.

You may also swim in heated pools i you have access to them. In addition to warm water, you also have an added benefit of getting a good exercise in the form of swimming, which is good for your joints.

6. Vitamin D

Lesser vitamin D levels mean more sensitivity to arthritis pain.

Given our lifestyle of getting decreased sunlight everyday, it is even harder to get Vitamin D during the winters.

In this case, you may consult a doctor to understand your vitamin D requirements and the need to either take supplements or have vitamin D fortified foods.

7. Avoid going out

Going out means, exposing yourself to the harsh chilly winds. So, it is recommended that either you avoid going out or properly cover yourself before stepping out.

8. Omega-3 fatty acids

Have foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids as they are known to reduce inflammation in the joints.

You may have foods like fatty fish, fish oil, flax seeds, walnuts, avocados and other that are high in omega-3 fatty acid content.

9. Get a massage

Getting a massage, again is an soothing experience irrespective of an arthritis condition.

However, getting one is extremely beneficial to your stiff and painful joints as it improves blood circulation and in turn eases the pain.

10. Acupuncture

While acupuncture is one of those non-traditional treatments, it is known to benefit most people with regards to easing the pain.

In spite of following the above tips, if you still did not find the required relief or are looking for an Expert near you to have your arthritis condition checked, you may always Get in Touch with us.



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