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Fatigue – a feeling of tiredness and lack of energy that does not go away just with a sleep of 8 hours! The fatigue is either your state of mind or of the body. The triggers of fatigue are usually poor eating habits, physical exertion, emotional stress, lack of sleep and boredom.

In some cases, prolonged fatigue can lead to medical problems. If not treated in time, it can lead to severe problems of insomnia and loss of memory over time. Here are our experts to help you with the same. Read about it more below to understand the problem in detail

Tips to fight fatigue and boost energy level

Changing simple lifestyle habits can help you deal with the fatigue and underlying issues. Start with changing the dietary habits to fight with the lack of energy. Here are a few of our suggestions for the same:

  • Drink plenty of water: You might have had heard this a lot of time but here is the catch, dehydration is one of the major cause of fatigue! A glass of water every half an hour does the trick of keeping your body hydrated.
  • Regulate Caffeine Intake: If you are feeling too tired, cut down on the caffeine. The best way is to gradually reduce intake over time. Cut down coffee for a month and you will feel less tired without it. The main reason is that coffee gives your body an instant boost by triggering the adrenaline rush. This works as anti-sleep and thus cause fatigue because of the less of sleep.
  • Eat breakfast: Like a king! Breakfast is your first meal in the morning. Make sure you have a healthy one! Breakfast boost your metabolism ad gives your body the energy you can burn in the entire day. Your first meal should be rich in glucose for body fuel, and carbohydrates. Have cereals or whole-grain bread for the same.
  • Don’t skip meals: Going without food for long hours cause a dip in the insulin level of the body. Eat regularly to maintain the energy level throughout the day
  • Healthy diet to the rescue: Increase the number of vegetables, fruits and wholegrains in your diet. Switch to low-fat dairy products and lean meats in your diet. Reducing the amount of high sugar, high fat and salt in food helps a big-time with the increase in energy levels.
  • Don’t overeat: Large meals can drain your energy. Instead of one big meal split your meals into smaller 3-4 times a day. This will help your body with constant blood sugar and insulin levels throughout the day. It also helps you lose excess body weight.
  • Intake Iron-Rich Foods: Women are more prone to the iron deficiency than men. Lack of iron is one of the causes of feeling fatigued throughout the day. Make sure your meals are rich in iron and you take enough iron supplements (on consulting your doctor). Few sources of iron are – spinach, lean red meat, etc.

Sleep patterns and fatigue

Poor quality sleep or not taking enough sleep is another major cause of fatigue.

  • Take enough hour of sleep: 3/4th of us suffer from poor sleep issues. Proper sleep helps you stay alert through the day. The recommended hours for sleep are 7-8 hours a day. Go to bed early and get up early. Avoid naps during the day and have a warm shower before going to the bed at night.
  • Limit caffeine intake: Too much caffeine, particularly after 5PM tend to cause insomnia. Limit your caffeine intake to a one-morning cup of coffee in a day. Avoid any caffeinated beverage post-dinner.
  • Relax with deep breaths: Learn how to relax! Do not stress on problems lying in the bed. Adopt relaxation techniques like lighting up the scented candles, going for a brisk walk after dinner, etc. Focus on your breathing in the silence.
  • Avoid sleeping pills: Sleeping pills are the last solutions and have underlying medical causes. Try curing your sleep naturally with aids like chamomile tea, etc. Do not adapt to sleeping pills.

Incorporate as many of the above-listed points in your lifestyle as you can. A healthy and fit body is not a lean one but the one which is well-rested. Eat a combination of carbohydrate and protein and do stretching after every couple of hours of sitting. Increase blood flow also help deal with the everyday fatigue If you still feel confused about the schedule and ways to adapt things in your lifestyle, feel free to Contact our Experts at Redheal. All the consultants are available online and are The Best Medical Consultants in the city. Feel free to reach us for any medical consultancy.



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