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Health and wellness is everyone’s priority these days! However, most of us focus on only a singular factor of health. While we exercise good, we tend to miss on diet control. The definition of healthy comprises of healthy diet, good mental health, exercise, controlling stress, optimum water intake and taking a sound sleep everyday.

If you’re planning to get healthy, here are a few things you need to eliminate from your day:


You must have heard a lot about cutting on sugar by now! White refined sugar is the major cause of increasing obesity and diabetes. Taking the natural substance, white sugar is processed and refined to extract all the natural fructose. Due to its longer shelf life, cheap pricing and high texture it is highly used as a high fructose corn syrup in most of the dishes and beverages. The increase spike of sugar in the body is responsible for fat storage.

Trans fats:

Also known as hydrogenated oil, trans fats are mostly found in vegetable oils. They remain solid at room temperature and provide more texture and flavour to food. Trans fats increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, depression, etc. Trans fats are usually hidden in processed foods, such as crackers, cakes, pizza crust, chips, candy, cookies, etc.

Lack of exercise:

Eliminate the lack of exercise from your day and keep that torso moving! Exercise is free and so are the perks you get from it. Be it hiking, walking, running, jogging, swimming, or working out at home, make sure you are indulged in some physical activity. Buy weights online and push yourself a little harder anyway, because of no pain, no gain! Make a little bit of progress every day.

An exercise schedule helps you with- weight control, mood enhancement, increase HDL, increase cardiovascular function, increased bone density, and stronger ligaments, joints and muscles. Besides listed, exercise is also known to promote better sleepin insomniacs. Spare 30 minutes a day to indulge in physical activities and get healthy.


Gluten is classified as a sticky protein found in the seeds of grains/grass. It is primarily present in barley, wheat, and rye. And we encounter with wheat, daily in the form of bread and chapati.

While the ancient wheat was pure inconsistency, the new wheat production is with much higher gluten content. This increase the chances of an individual getting celiac disease. Gluten also leads to the breakdown of the intestinal walls in the long run thus affecting the autoimmunity of the body. Consumption of gluten on the long run can lead to arthritis, thyroid and multiple sclerosis.

Artificial sweeteners:

All the Nutella and peanut butter fans in the house, it is high time you eliminate these. Artificial sweeteners are mixed with methanol. It converts formaldehyde in the body which is known to be linked with birth defects and retinal damage in the body. It can cause nerve damage, in the long run, thus causing long term illness such as brain lesions, sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. The artificial drinks and sweeteners are induced the most in processed food. They are also loaded with addictive properties that can lead to sugar and carbohydrates cravings.

Before you adopt any new health plan, make sure you remove all these from your diet. If you are still wondering about the effects diet and exercise can cause or how to replace the nutrients you get from these, feel free to Contact our Nutritionist. After all, a little more knowledge is always better for awareness.



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