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We all know the risk of smoking! But that doesn’t make it easier to get rid of the addiction. Be it occasional smoking or chain-smoking, any form is dangerous to health.

Smoking cigarette is both a psychological and physical addiction. The mind and body crave for nicotine boost, and the addiction gets high over time. Turning to cigarette is high in people dealing with everyday stress as it gives a quick kick to the feel-good senses in the brain. So, to successfully quit smoking, we need to address both, the habits and the addiction along with the change in routine. To get it done, let’s read what our Experts Suggest the Best way!

Have a personal stop smoking plan to Quit

Have a roadmap plan to keep yourself on track. A good quitting plan helps with quitting and preventing relapse of smoking over time. Invest some time on understanding the kind of smoker you are and identify tips and tricks you would need at what hours to keep yourself away from the craving to smoke.

Remove cigarettes from everyplace accessible – car dashboards, desk drawers, etc. Talk to your doctor and get yourself checked at regular intervals to monitor the cigarette withdrawal symptoms.

Identify what triggers smoking

While doing analysis on self, make sure you understand the factors that trigger smoking in you. Keep a craving journal that records what time you crave for a cigarette, the intensity of it, how do you feel and after feels of it. The biggest question is to understand why do you smoke? Is it to get rid of unpleasant feelings/stress or just for the comfort of it? Find an alternate way to deal with it. For example, if you smoke so as to get rid of an unpleasant feeling, replace it with meditation.

Manage cigarette cravings

Quitting smoking comes with a lot of cravings for the same. If you are tempted to smoke one, remind self about why you decided to quit it in the first place and strategies to deal with it. Distract yourself and indulge in other things. Brush your teeth, drink water, go for a walk, listen to music, get active, keep your mind busy, etc.

Be loud to let people around you know

Quitting is easier when you have people around to support. Choose people you think are helpful and can support you through. Talk to them as a distraction when you crave for a cigarette. Sharing would make it easy to quit smoking.

Indulge in self-care

When you are indulged into a good diet and an exercise routine, quitting smoking becomes easier! Get indulge in self-care. Understand the harm cigarette cause to your organs and skin. Spend some time in improving health and skin. Treat it as a reward. Don’t diet but eat healthy and nutrition-rich food. Keep yourself full with healthy options so as you don’t crave for smoking. Celebrate small achievements like going without smoking for a week with a good food treat!

And while you are at it on your own, relax! Take small steps, make small goals. Practice meditation and yoga and treat this as a form of self-discipline. Start seeing yourself as a non-smoker and you will be there in no time. While we always advise you the best, we can also understand the underlying issues in quitting cigarette. Feel free to reach us at Redheal to get Connect with the Best Counsellors near you. All our consultations are also available online.



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