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Let’s admit, you spend a lot on healthcare, yet develop more chronic disease that individuals ever did. Maybe you are investing in the wrong plan or the wrong lifestyle! Let’s read to understand more.

A healthy lifestyle behaviour comes with following a routine in day to day life. Check out the below listed 5 key behaviours you can adapt for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Diet:

A calculated diet is a healthy diet! Do not overstuff or overeat in a day. Balance your diet, consult a nutritionist. Increase intake of healthy fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. snack onto nuts rather than sugar-sweetened processed food packs. Replace your bottled beverages with fresh juice. Processed meat, trans fats ad sodium intake should be reduced or be replaced with healthy alternatives.

Indulge in physical activity:

While a balanced diet keeps your digestive system in check, a good amount of physical activity keeps your muscles in check. A good diet supported by a good physical work out goes a long way of promoting good health. Workout for atleast 30 minutes a day. Indulge in yoga or some mild home activity or a brisk walk to start with. Gradually move to introduce cardio in the workout, etc.

Healthy Bodyweight:

A lot of us in chase of a lean body undergoes drastic diets and affect the healthy body weight. Make sure you consult your physician or Doctor before indulging into any weight loss program. Healthy body weight is defined by BMI. Which for an adult, lies between 18.5 to 24.9. Make sure you understand BMI and other technical terms related to healthy weight/fat loss before indulging into workout or body conditioning of any type.

Quit smoking:

No amount of smoking is healthy smoking! Quit it asap for long and healthy life. Smoking not only can put in drain your entire diet plan and exercise efforts but also increase your chances of getting heart attack and respiratory disorders. Quit smoking and adopt a clean diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Moderate alcohol intake:

A decent amount of alcohol is still preferable than no alcohol! The recommended amount is 5-15gms a day for women and 2-30gms a day for men. One drink usually contains about 14gms of alcohol. Alcohol intake should be reduced to the minimum and occasional and if you are a regular drinker, replace it with red wine. However, moderation is the key here! Make sure you intake any alcoholic beverage in a moderate amount.

While the above covers most of the implements of how a healthy lifestyle looks like, we understand if you still have questions and concern regarding the same. For any more query, feel free to reach us and Fix an Appointment with Online Consultants at Redheal. We assure you to connect with the best in the field.



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