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Did you know that Breathing air in smog can be as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes?

The quality of the air you breathe in is directly related to lung and other respiratory issues.

Smog is the combination of smoke and fog that is usually found early in the mornings. It contains harmful gases and pollutants, which, when inhaled, will result in respiratory issues.

It is more prominent during the winters and is only becoming severe with the rising air pollutions.

The ongoing pandemic provides us with an additional reason to take care of ourselves and ensure our health is not compromised due to such issues.

So, in this article, let’s look at the tips to protect yourself from harmful smog.

10 Tips To Protect From Smog:

1. Change run/walk timings

One of the most common ways to encounter a smog is by going for a run/walk early in the morning.

However, it is a dangerous time to do your cardio with the smog around you. It will be easier to breathe in the toxic air and in turn harm yourself.

The best alternative is to wait until the smog clears or change the timings to evening.

2. Use masks

However, if you are pretty determined to get done with your early morning jog, you may do so after putting on good quality face masks like N/K 95.

Another important thing to remember is to ensure both your nose and mouth are well covered and that you are not breathing in harmful air. Well, this tip also works to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

3. Grow air-purifying plants

This is perhaps the most pleasant yet effective tip to protect yourself from air pollution and smog.

Grow plants in and around the house to reap its maximum benefits. You may grow plants that are known specifically for their air-purifying benefits.

You can try growing indoor plants like Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Spider plant, Snake plant, and others to purify the air inside your homes.

4. Avoid areas with high pollution

Well, this goes without saying that, if you are having respiratory issues, you need to avoid areas with high pollution.

However, it can be easier said than done, especially if you need to go through such areas for your work.

In this case, as we mentioned above, use a mask or try to go through an alternative route with lesser pollution and congestion.

5. Use the steam method

If you are someone with existing respiratory issues or are having issues due to the poor quality of air or due to smog, in addition to checking yourself with a doctor, you may try steam therapy.

Put in some eucalyptus oi in steam and breathe in every day to clear the congestion in your respiratory system.

6. Keep your home well ventilated

While it is important to keep your windows and doors closed when there is a lot of outside pollutions, it is also important that you keep your house ventilated properly for the rest of the time.

Indoor pollution can be worse than outside pollution as you will be cooped up inside your home for longer hours and breathe in the same harmful air.

7. Have herbal teas

Consume herbal teas like tulasi, ginger, lemon etc. to detoxify your body.

In addition to helping you with detoxifying your body, herbal teas also minimize the effects of air pollution. Better yet, it also ensures your body is well hydrated in a healthy way.

8. Eat jaggery

If going herbal is not your cup of tea, you can try including jaggery into your everyday diet.

Jaggery which is sourced organically helps in detoxifying your blood and flushing out the toxins from your lungs and other body parts.

You may choose to substitute sugar with jaggery and reap its benefits.

9. Keep a track of the air quality

If you are trying to breathe in good quality air, you must first be aware of your area’s air quality.

So, keep tracking it regularly and only step out when the readings show safe levels.

You may do this by following daily weather updates and air quality updates on the internet.

10. Avoid smoking

While this is an obvious point, it is more than a tip that when followed, can save your life, better yet, ensure a quality one.

Smoking and air pollution can aggravate existing respiratory issues or result in developing new ones.

So, it is highly recommended to quit smoking.

If you are already suffering from an existing respiratory issue, you can Contact Us to connect with Top Experts near you.



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