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The winter season is not so much of a scary season in India, especially when compared with other western countries, however, it does bring with it, its own share of side effects on our body and overall health.

Cold weather or winter season has the potential to aggravate a number of health conditions.

While ailments like flu and infections are common during the season, there are many other lesser-known health conditions that can arise during winters.

In today’s world where living healthy and maintaining immunity is of utmost priority, it is also important that we are aware of other factors that may affect our overall health and take necessary precautions.

In this article, let’s look at the lesser-known ways how a winter effects your body and health.

7 Lesser-Known Ways Winter Effects Your Body And Health:

1. Asthma

Asthma itself is an uncomfortable health condition that makes it a strenuous task to breathe normally.

Add to this, a winter-induced asthma is a worser health condition that is triggered due to the dry and chilly winter temperatures and winds.

When the dry and cold winter enters your airways and into the lungs, it triggers an asthma attack in a person suffering from this condition.

In this case, firstly, always ensure to have an inhaler on your person. And, secondly, remember to breathe in warm air only, by covering your nose and mouth with a scarf or avoiding going out. Check this article for more suggestions and tips.

2. Breathing issues

Even if you are not suffering from Asthma, you might still be affected with breathing issues during the winter season.

The winter season season makes the air we breath cold and dry. When you inhale this dry air, it causes wheezing, sore throats, and other breathing issues in a lot of people.

Add to this, other factors like air pollution and smog can make you grasp for breath.

In such cases, you may use a saline nasal spray or a vaporizer to ease your breathing.

3. Vision issues

Not many people are aware of the fact that a winter season can also compromise ones vision.

The dry air can either excessively dry your eyes or cause tears or even cause inflammation due to extreme exposure to the cold winds.

To protect your eyes, you may use glasses while stepping out or use eye drops to moisten your eyes.

4. Sore throat

As mentioned above, the dry air during the winters can cause issues like sore throats.

If not for the dry air, there are also other possibilities like viruses and infections spread through the air, that can commonly cause a sore throat during winter season.

If you develop a sore throat, the best remedies to ease the pain is to gargle with warm salt water or use a humidifier.

5. Dry skin

While most people are aware of the fact that the winter season causes dry skin, very few are aware of the consequences of developing a dry skin.

An uncared dry skin or an excessive dry skin condition can further causes irritation, flaking, cracking, and may even develop into other serious skin conditions like eczema.

So, make sure you follow a proper skin care regime during the winters to protect it from drying out and ensure its maximum health.

6. Excessive hair fall

While we tend to shed anywhere between 50-100 strands of hair everyday, we shed an excessive amount during the winters.

However, do not panic, as this is a common occurrence during the winter season effects and is not a medical issues.

With that said, you can always take extra care of your hair to ensure its proper health and condition by massaging your head with oil, using proper chemical-free conditioners, and eating right.

7. Gain weight

Yes, gaining weight is a legitimate issue during the winters. While this is not common for everyone, most people tend to gain weight easily during this season.

Many factors ranging from lack of vitamin D to overeating to ensure optimum body temperature can influence this seasonal weight gain.

However, it can be easily kept in check by ensuring a healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition to the above 7 lesser-known ways of how the onset of the winter season effects your body, there is one other new issue that has been lurking around since the beginning of this year.

You may have already guessed it, it is COVID-19.

With the winter season being the season of flu and infections, it adds an extra reason to be careful, especially with the dreaded virus showing no signs of respite even after almost an year of its inception.

You may want to check our blog article on how to take precautionary Steps to Stay Safe from COVID-19 during the Winter Season.



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