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According to research, men tend to visit their doctors less frequently, compared to women, and also skip going to an annual health checkup.

Never mind the annual checkup, men do not go to a doctor until they find the pain too overbearing to handle.

This thoughtless habit can prove to be dangerous. Early diagnosis and treatment sometimes may also cure life-threatening diseases.

It is highly imperative that both men and also women must check with a doctor as soon as they get an abnormal sign from their body.

As men are half as likely as women to visit a doctor, this article will focus on them to help identify any signs of bodily harm so that they can book an appointment with the doctor before it is too late. Here are 6 health signs that men shouldn’t ignore.

1. Irregular skin patch or mole

Most men develop irregular skin patches or moles that are not present since birth. These sudden occurrences of skin patches and odd moles must not be brushed aside lightly as it could be a sign of skin cancer or melanoma, a type of tumour.

While most moles are harmless or benign, a few could turn out to be cancerous. So, it is better to check with a dermatologist as soon as you detect an unusual change in skin color or if a mole pops up.

2. Frequent acid refluxes

Most people suffer from acid reflux or heartburn from time to time, especially after hogging on greasy or spicy foods. While this is a normal reaction to it, it is a cause for concern if you get acid refluxes after every meal. It could be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

This happens due to the backward kick of stomach acids towards your esophagus. This irritates or erodes your esophagus tissues and eventually causes ulcers. It also has the probability to cause cancer in the esophagus. Few people also mistake an actual heart problem for heartburn. Whatever might be the case, it is best you consult a specialist.

3. Excessive snoring

People snore when the muscles in their mouth, tongue, and throat relax. When the air passes through these, it vibrates and causes harsh and irritating snoring sounds. People mostly snore when their body is extremely tired.

However, when they tend to snore more than usual, it might be a case of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is more common in men than in women. It results in a pause in breathing while asleep. This in turn affects the sleep patterns and its quality. If left untreated it can leave you with a constant feeling of fatigue and may even develop into cardiovascular diseases. It is also linked to diabetes and obesity. You may want to check with an ENT Specialist if you are suffering from the above issue.

4. Excessive thirst and frequent urination

If you are urinating frequently or are always thirsty, it might be a sign of diabetes. You tend to urinate frequently as your kidneys work overtime to expel the excess sugar present in your blood.

It could also be a sign of prostate issues. Prostate problems may also have other symptoms such as less flow in urination, discomfort in the pelvic region, or blood in urine or semen.

These symptoms can lead to serious conditions if left untreated or delayed, so, consult a doctor if you find any of the above symptoms.

5. Pain in chest

Chest pains are commonly associated with heart diseases. While this is true, frequent chest pains could also be signs of underlying health conditions like lung and gastrointestinal diseases.

However, in men, most chest pains are a sign of cardiac arrest. You might get warning signals days or even weeks before the actual attack. Signs include intermittent pain in the chest, shortness of breath, palpitations, abdominal or back pain, and nausea.

If you experience any of the above symptoms for no reason, do not take them lightly and immediately check with a doctor.

6. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common health issues in men. While this affects sexual performance, it may also be a sign of serious underlying health conditions like cardiovascular diseases.

It could also be the result of excess stress or even depression. To know the exact reason, we recommend checking with a doctor to find the root cause and have it treated. The sooner you detect, the easier you can find the solution and diagnose it.

While the above signs are some of the common ones found in men, there are many such signs you can detect and have it checked with a doctor before it is too late.

Men are known to have dismal health statistics compared to women. Not surprisingly, they die earlier than women. This can be prevented if only they could read the signs early on and have them treated before the health condition compounds.

No matter what the sign or symptom is, however big or small, if you are in doubt, always check with a doctor. Not sure which doctor to consult, fret not. Simply contact us on +91 88-00-644-744.



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