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Online Doctor Consultation has played one major part in transforming the healthcare industry. Especially, for the senior citizens. A convenient, efficient and affordable way that senior citizens can reach the doctor without leaving the house. Online doctors are just like your regular doctors, knowledgeable and accurate with the diagnosis.

What’s the perk? Well, you don’t have to leave the house and yet get every service and your questions answered. Add on, it is a boom if you need urgent medical care and you are not in town. All you have to do is open the app and within a few clicks, you can reach your Doctor.

Benefits of Online Consultation for Senior Citizens:

Immediate medical attention:

Senior citizens usually require immediate medical attention. With online consultation, they can get prompt medical help at more convenience. You don’t have to wait for long hospital queues or go from one counter to another for token generation and prescription. Just take a prior appointment online and talk to your Doctor.

Easy record and online access to medical history:

One of the major advantages of having the consultation online is not managing the files and papers of your every visit. All the files are uploaded online and can be accessed t your own convenience, at anytime you want. We are sure that storing your medical history was never this easy.

No location bound:

You Doctor is available only in your home city and you’re scared to go out just in case you need urgent medical attention at this age! We are not exaggerating but you can carry your Doctor in the reach of your bag. Take your doctor wherever you go. Irrespective of your location, the Doctor can consult and advise you for the best online. Even your periodic evaluations can be done online too.

24/7 availability:

Most of the online doctor consultation services are available 24×7. You can contact your doctor immediately when you start feeling unwell. Senior citizens with chronic disease are at higher risk of a sudden requirement for medical attention and hence online consultation of a doctor can avoid the unwanted health issues for them.


While going to the center involves costing, online consultation can provide you with all the services in one session without the trouble of moving and paying multiple bills. From diagnosis to prescription-  the services can be availed under one roof. Hence, low cost and feasibility are few among the other comforts.

With the growing COVID cases and population, it is best that we utilize technology as much as we can. Moreover, for our safety! At the moment, the demand for the online doctor is an all-time high. Individuals seeking medical attention are finding this mode super convenient and efficient. We are sure that with this facility, senior citizens will also be able to reach the concerned doctor comfortably, without getting troubled with the long hospital queues. To fix up an Appointment with the Doctor, reach to us at Redheal.



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