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Online Doctor Consultation: what is it?

Doctor at your fingertips! Here is the minimalist explanation of what is online Doctor consultation.

A new way to contact your Doctor over chat or call and get a diagnosis, prescription and right treatment. While we are into quarantine and social distancing is mandatory, let’s admit, we would not want to go out of the house but even a running nose, and we want to contact the Doctor.

We at Redheal understands the pain and would want to get you the best treatment at the comfort of your place. While being at the comfort of your home, we are here with online doctor consultants to let you access the best in healthcare. This not only gives you access to daily services but also a wider reach to those in remote areas while not missing onto the expert advice.

Why Online Doctor Consultations is the best?

With more streamlined services, online doctor consultation defames the location boundaries and provides the best solution at the reach of a screen. While physical visits only take in charge one visit at a time, with online consultation, a patient can have access to a range of experienced and trained medical professionals.

From looking up symptoms to chat bot diagnosis, online doctor consultations make great use of technology to save patient’s time as well as providing a solution in the minimum expense. It gives a private one to one platform for Doctor and Patient to interact with the easy prescription process. The Doctor can prescribe the medicine remotely and it can be get delivered at your doorstep according to your convenience.

While we all are into quarantine, online Doctor Prescription is the most convenient for its availability 24X7 with interrupting your work from home schedule. Even when you’re stuck at home, it is too convenient to reach your Doctor on a video call. The process not only gives you a proper diagnosis but also help you understand and monitor your condition better.

If you seek any medical help or consider consulting a Doctor, feel free to reach us and Book an Appointment with Redheal.




  • Doctortrek, August 18, 2020 @ 5:56 pm Reply

    Thanks for Sharing such a great Information.
    It really help everyone out here. is offering the Free Online Doctor Consultation services in India.
    For more Information you can visit our website.

  • telehealth app, November 30, 2020 @ 3:09 pm Reply

    Receiving online treatment can actually help you access a wider range of healthcare professionals to determine the best treatment plan for you. Thanks for sharing!

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