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The impact of changing season is well known. While it impacts everyone out there, there is always a greater extent of the effect on the children. It’s having more consequences on children’s health because of their lifestyle and developing immune system. Children’s are more vulnerable to the risks associated with the changing climate. They spend the majority of the time outside playing than adults, have a different metabolism to that of adults, and hence the effect of seasonal changes differ.

Despite the associated risks, it also affects the mental and physical being. It is necessary to understand the effects of the changing season so as to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits. This can be done by simply understanding and preparing the kids for weather and climate change. Have a read on the effects and how can you take care in the given condition.

Allergies and Asthma:

Moving towards spring and summer? The increased intensity of pollen can lead to allergy and asthma attacks in children suffering from breathing problems. Warm temperatures are a boost to it as the ground produce more ozone. Change in the environment increased air pollution is further contributing factors to it.

What can be done: Keep check of the air quality. Keep the kids in if the air quality is poor. Reschedule the play hours and outdoor activities. You can opt for early morning as the pollution level is less during the time.

Rain drenched:

For cities getting affected by high monsoon tides and humidity, it is more important to take care of the kids. With the fluctuation in temperature, the body tends to try hard and adapt to the variations. However, leaving the clothes wet and wearing wet clothes will develop rashes. Less intake of water can lead to dehydration and other kidney problems. Children’s body is not as easily adaptable as of elders and hence they need extra attention.

What can be done: Make them stay hydrated, always. Stay inside and dry as much and increase intake of hot beverages. Consume food that keeps the body temperature moderate. Avoid deep-fried food items from outside. To learn more about the nutritional intake of children with changing season, we advise you to fix an appointment with our child nutritionist.

Monsoon & Insect spread disease:

Monsoon not only get pleasant rain but also some water-born insects and mosquitoes. Monsoon is known to spread diseases caused by ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. This leads to Dengue, flu, etc. Kids are more exposed to the environment and hence with the increased exposure comes infection.

What can be done: Make sure your kids wear an outfit that covers them fully. Use mosquito repellent lotions and fabric lotions.



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