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As the science advance, we have more concrete evidence for the fact that yes! Your food and nutrition intake does affect your mental health. Think about it in the simplest terms. Your brain is active 24×7, even when you sleep. And things on work needs fuel. So does your brain! From where does the brain get this fuel? The fuel comes from the food you eat. It directly affects the function and structure of your brain functionality.

Your diet is potentially the most powerful intervention in your day that has a major impact on improving your mental health. Studies have also found that teens with low quality food diet and those who eat junk food have 80% more risk of depression than the adults who intake healthy nutritious diet.

Nutrition & Brain:

While the studies are conducted, few experiments have shown that supplements like omega 3 fatty acids have a role in impacting mood in an individual. If your brain lacks good quality nutrition it can lead to brain tissue injury. Eventually causing free radical damage in the brain. While the researchers are at work, here is a simple experiment you can do. Change your lifestyle for a week or two. Start eating healthy, clean and traditional food from your region. Cut down on processed food and sugar. Observe the difference. Now for another week slowly and gradually induce processed food and sugar in your diet, one at a time! This will not only give you clarity on your food intake but you’ll also be able to witness the impact it case on your health and mental well being.

Foods that improve your mental well-being:

  • Berries: Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries – a perfect snack and antioxidant fix, berries are known to combat inflammation and improves symptoms related to depression and anxiety. It is also known to increase attention span and memory.
  • Yoghurt: We already know the benefits of Yoghurt for our gut health! But it has been observed that the probiotics present in the Yoghurt culture also tend to soothe the mental health in an individual and lower the level of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Wholegrains: There is a reason carbs are delightful and asked to be included in traditional culture. Carbohydrates are a rich source of Tryptophan, an amino acid responsible to produce serotonin. Serotonin helps in calming the mind and improving the mood
  • Walnuts: If there is one snack that can help you long term with brain health, it is walnut! Have a handful of walnut everyday for inhibiting oxidation in the body and brain. Walnuts are also known for leading in the growth of the new neurons. This simply means it helps grow new brain cells.

The best way to treat your mental health is with eating right tagged along with the physical activity. Our nutrition expert suggests to include a lot of herbs and vegetables in the diet with a focus on specific foods too. A nutritious meal plays a role in the long run. For all, your more mental health-related nutrition queries and guidance on healthy living, feel free to take online consultation with the Nutritionist at Redheal. We assure to connect you with the Best Nutritionist in Hyderabad for that healthy living you seek.



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