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A common but serious medical disorder, Depression majorly impact your day with how you feel, think, and handle day-to-day activities. Depression is known to cause anxiety, sadness, loss of interest in daily task, feeling annoyed, etc.

Major Symptoms of Depression are:

  1. Feeling sad/depressed mood
  2. Loss of interest in liked activities
  3. Loss of energy/ increased fatigue
  4. Trouble in sleeping. Sleeping too much
  5. Change in appetite – weight loss/gain
  6. Slow movements/increase in purposeless activities
  7. Suicidal thoughts
  8. Difficulty thinking and concentrating

The above symptoms can range from mild to severe. If data is to be believed, depression affects one in every 15 adults in any given year.

Depression is not the same as sadness or grief – Difference between Depression & Sadness

First thing first! Let’s get on the clarity of what falls in the category of depression. The death of a loved one or losing a job is a feeling of sadness, often confused with the feeling of being depressed. The grieving process is natural and varies from individual to individual. While depression constantly pulls the mood down, sadness is usually accompanied by waves of happy mood. Depression withdraws an individual from the routine activities. On the other hand, sadness usually gives a feeling of grief.

Risk Factors for Depression

Depression can hit anyone at any stage. There are multiple factors that play in the existence of depression in an individual:

  • Genetics: Depression could be genetic and could run in families. If your identical twin is depression affected, there are 80% chances that you will be affected too.
  • Personality: Individuals with low self-esteem and who are easily overwhelmed by stress are major victims of depression. An optimistic approach to life might help overcome this.
  • Biochemistry: A few chemicals in the brain can be blamed too!As it contributes to depression.
  • Surroundings: Exposure to neglect, violence, abuse or poverty makes people vulnerable to depression.

Once you know that you or any individual around is going through a phase of depression, talk to them. However, not everyone can be cured by just venting out. For the best, after a primary awareness of underlying medical disorder as depression, it is best to consult an expert for this. An underlying cause of Depression could be thyroid or diabetes. Hence, a medical diagnosis is needed to identify specific symptoms and cause for the same.

We at Red heal understand that lockdown could be tough on most of you. Especially on kids and adults as their routine cycle is disturbed. While depression is common among the mass, it can also be cured. We have a team of Best Psychiatrist in Hyderabad available 24×7 to provide you consultation. We request you to not take any anti-depressant medicine without expert recommendation. 

If you find your loved one underlying depression symptoms, please feel Free to reach us



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