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Quarantine and social distancing aren’t the new terms anymore! While the measures have been taken by us all, the social distancing is taking a toll on our mental health. Especially if you are a senior citizen or even adults. We have been called social animals for a reason and the social part is now a major missing. While social distancing still needs to be followed, we are here to talk about the effects it has on mental health.

The psychological impact of quarantine can range from anxiety, anger to sleep disorders. While in some cases it could be as severe as leading to depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Our Experts count following as a sign of disturbed Mental Health:

  • Being worried about own health
  • Changed sleep patterns
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Chronic health problems getting worse

How to have better mental health

  • Take short breaks between work: Walk for 3 minutes or stretch or listen to your favourite song, but take a break every half an hour.
  • Do not binge watch news channel the whole day: We understand you want to stay updated and you must. However, do not listen to the news all day as all the news around will trigger anxiety. Instead, watch an hour of news in the morning and evening.
  • Eat well-balanced meals: Include more veggies in your meal
  • Workout for at least 20 mins a day: Meditate/cardio or do anything that suits your body, but get it moving. Your muscle needs to relax and get on work.
  • Connect and talk to friends: Talk with your friends and family. They are also into the same phase and being with each other could be a big mental support.

At last, stay away from fake news and negativity around. Do not believe in WhatsApp forwards and seek news only from the authentic source.

Alternatively, we are here for you 24X7! If at any point you feel to Get a Psychiatric Treatment or have any mood disorder, feel free to reach the Psychiatrist. We connect you to the Psychiatrist.



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