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The ongoing pandemic is not easy on any of us. While we as adults are dealing with our stress and anxiety, children are also the victim of lockdown with the aggression, of being locked in four walls. The designed mechanism of keeping the physical distance is also affecting the mental health in kids including depression and loneliness.

Provide children with a sense of schedule and structure:

Children are majorly challenged because of a missing schedule and alteration in a consistent lifestyle. This all is 10x more tough to deal for them as for adults. With the closing of schools, there is a lack of structure in the day of children and hence affecting their emotional and psychological development. The consistency in schedule teaches them to follow a discipline, learn impulse and behaviour control and above all safety and self-control. With the disturbed routine, it is now responsibility of the family to provide structure and support at home. Parents need to spend some time with the kids while making him them also involved in the chores at home.

Since children are now observing parents only, they need to define a routine for children starting from morning hours to defining reading hours, school hours and playing hours. But all while staying around-in the walls.

For children with a history of any mental disorder or mental illness, the lack of schedule has increased stress on parents. The children are showing extreme psychiatric symptoms with complaints of sleeping and eating disorders. This is backed up by behavioural aggression. While for most of the children, the parents are indulging them into hobbies and tasks so as to keep them occupied, there are many children with aggressive or passive-aggressive behaviour who are not so easy to deal with.

And while we are red heal completely understand your dilemma as a parent, we are here as your helping hand. No one knows how long it will take for the lockdown to get over, but we surely know it is going to get over and things will open up to normal again. And till the time and always, we at red heal are just a call away. You can visit our website and Book an Online Consultation with us. We promise to connect you with the Best Child Psychiatrist in Hyderabad.



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