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Are you suffering from Blackheads?

Well, blackheads are nothing but the obstructed pores on your skin, where the pores are the passageways for oil to get out from your skin on to the skin. That oil which comes out of the pores is very essential for the skin nourishment, to moisture, and for proper nutrition. Thus, if the pore gets obstructed, all the oil which has to come out will be stuck under the skin and end up forming dead skin cells or blemishes. These blackheads are so annoying and vexing that, no matter how hard you try to puncture, squash, get steamed or exfoliate; you can’t get them off your skin completely. Blackheads mainly come into sight on the nose, forehead, inside the ears and other areas of the face. Although they look dissimilar from pimples, they are categorized under a form of acne.

Regardless of dissimilar size and severity, blackheads are all caused by the excess of oil and excess of skin cells or by pollution, hormones and many other motives. But some medical surveys state that blackheads have nothing to do with hemmed dirt or the cleanliness of the skin: indeed, “the dead skin cells in the open pore react with oxygen in the air and turn black, forming a blackhead”.

Initially, there’s the larger, more noticeable sorts (i.e., that big black void that causes you to desist from all public gatherings), and later there are the devious ones: the pin-size recluses that go almost unnoticed. Blackheads mainly appear on the face as the facial skin accommodates more oil glands. Although blackhead mainly appears on forehead, ears, nose, some also rest in other parts of the body like chest, neck, back, bumps and other spaces that bring out a saturation of pilosebaceous elements.

What Causes Blackheads?

We can consider many factors which instigate blackheads like lifestyle, excess sweat, genetics, stress but experts say that “they are the straight results of surplus sebum and oil which are produced by the skin. As per the evidence, every person’s skin generates the sebum but the amount being produced varied between people. Sebum is a mixture of oil, bacteria, departed skin cells which congest the skin follicles resulting in the blackheads and other acne problems. Let’s take a look at some factors that enforces the excess sebum production.

1. Hormones: Hormones can be blamed as the major factors which can cause the blackheads as they support and increases the production of sebum, during the hormonal changes. As the person reaches the phase of adolescence, hormonal changes occur in his/her body which leads to the release of sex hormones like testosterone, Estrogen, androgen, etc. These hormones are accountable for organ development and body’s growth which integrates factors like height, facial hair, manly and womanly features, and menstruation in women. The blackheads can be a surprise gift by these collaborations. 

2. Stress: Many researchers and dermatologists have stated that “stress and blackheads are correlated. But there is no such evidence which can support this statement. According to some research reports, the stress hormones generated in our body hold the characteristics which can increase the sebum production and as a results end up making the skin greasy. When the body has high-stress levels, it leads to excessive productions of stress hormones like androgens that excite the oily glands and culminate in blackheads formation.

3. Puberty: The hormonal deviations experienced in the course of puberty can lead to more than enough generation of sebum. When progenies touch the puberty stage, the body begins to secret out higher levels of hormones. This variation in hormones can push the sebum production in the oil gland. If the excessive sebum combines with lifeless skin cells and bacteria in the pore, a lump can be formed.

4. Menstruation: The vigorousness of the blackheads and acne gets on the worst side during periods in women as the body faces many hormonal changes during that course of time. Estrogen and progesterone are the feminine hormones. The level of progesterone is directly proportional to estrogen, which means when the estrogen decreases, the progesterone increases. Eventually, the oil glands generate more sebum due to the hike in progesterone. Women can witness the blackheads few days prior periods attack.

5. Diet: In some point of time, most of us have entertained people around advising us to avoid oily or greasy foods like junk foods, deep fried foods, French fries as they might cause acne. Even doctors suggest the patients with acne problems about this. Chocolate and greasy foods are often impugned as the causes of blackheads but there is no such justifying evidence to prove this.

Smoking: According to the researchers, people who smoke suffer from acne more than non-smokers.

Precautions for blackheads:

  1. Despite of many dermatological innovative treatments, to prevent the blackheads we have to take some precautions.
  2. Use acne-prone products to wash your face. Try to maintain the skin dry all the time.
  3. Don’t touch your face with bare hands as your hands are exposed to dirt and bacteria in various corners on your hands. Hence if your skin gets direct contact with your hands it might cause infections on your skin.
  4. Try to clean your pillow covers a lot of dirt and oil from your hair and face transfers from onto your pillow, hence wash your pillow covers every day.
  5. Do not use makeup commodities which have high chemicals that can stimulate the acne generation.
  6. Try to stay hydrated by drinking 2-3 liters water every day.

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