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The winter season is almost upon us and it is time we heat up our bodies to maintain good health throughout the season.

In addition to keeping our bodies warm, we also need to take the extra care to boost our immune system, which is of utmost priority due to the ongoing pandemic and the imminent second wave.

If you are wondering how we got a curated list of foods you need to include in your diet during the winter season. These foods have the power to boost your immune system while keeping you warm and running.

1. Ginger

By now, you might have already been well versed with the nutritional and immunity-boosting qualities of this superfood, thanks to COVID-19.

Ginger is one of the most commonly found food in our kitchens and is popular for its rich antioxidant content and builds resistance in our bodies. Including ginger in your daily diet ensures that your body is warm and also keeps common cold, cough, and mild fevers at bay.

2. Honey

Honey is another superfood that is available in most of our kitchens. It is also one of those foods that are advised to be taken in moderation in summers due to its heat properties or warm nature.

This exact reason makes it the must-include food item to your daily diet during the winters. Take a spoon of honey every day on empty stomach to keep your body warm and also to boost your immune system.

3. Ghee

The moment we say ghee, most people will think about its fattening properties. However, the fact is, ghee does not make you fat, at least not when it is consumed in moderation and coupled with an active lifestyle.

Ghee is one of those precious Indian foods that is undermined by its western counterparts, butter. Ghee is rich in antioxidants and helps our body effectively absorb minerals and vitamins. Include a spoon or two in your dal or rice during the winters and reap its rich benefits.

4. Eggs

This list of foods to include in your daily diet during the winters will be incomplete without eggs. Eggs are one of the staple foods in any part of the world. It is mostly due to its high nutritional values and immunity-boosting properties.

Eggs are a powerhouse of energy and provides our body with proteins, vitamins, and other minerals and keep our body warm as a bonus.

5. Tulsi

Tulsi, the popular ayurvedic herb is common in every household. It is known for providing vitamin A, C, calcium, zinc, and iron to our body.

It is also known to fight all cold borne diseases and boost our immune system which is especially important during the winters.

6. Pepper

Pepper as you might already be aware of its hot characteristic is the perfect food to warm your body. It is also known to provide other benefits like curing a cold, cough, and sinusitis due to its anti-bacterial properties.

7. Dry fruits

Including dry fruits like almonds, raisins, dates, cashews, and others in your salad or milk is one effective way to keep your body warm while reaping other benefits like improving your body iron and essential vitamins levels.

8. Root vegetables

Root vegetables are all those vegetables that are sourced from below the ground like sweet potato, radish, carrots, and others. These vegetables are known to generate heat in our bodies as they take time to digest.

9. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach are high in zinc, iron, vitamin A, C, E, and many other rich nutrients. Including such green veggies into your diet, especially during the winters is bound to boost your immune systems and wards of the common viruses.

10. Garlic

Lastly, one of the most medicinal foods which are commonly found in our kitchens is garlic. Yes, garlic is known for its medicinal properties like boosting heart health and immunity.

Garlic is also highly nutritious while being calorie-dense. This means it is pretty low on its calories value for the amount of nutrition it provides. The best part, it is one of those foods that is known to generate heat in the body when consumed.

So do not forget to include garlic or any of the above-mentioned foods in your daily diet to keep yourselves warm as well as to boost your body’s immunity during the winter season.

In spite of including the above foods, if you find the need to Consult an Expert Nutritionist or any doctor for that matter, you can always reach out to us for Hassle-Free Doctor Consultation.



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