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Monsoon is well known for its rain-drenched landscapes, monsoon drives and cosy evenings spent sipping onto the tea. Right? Monsoon in every part of India is lovely. However, it does bring with it some major health problems. With humidity, comes fungal infections, rashes and common skin issues.

Our Dermatologist at Redheal understand your concern and is here to help for the same. Read through the article to understand the problems in depth.

Infections: Monsoon and infections go hand in hand. Common forms of visible infections are ringworm and acne. The cause of infections is fungal and bacteria. People are usually affected because of dehydration, excessive sweating, etc. The ideal way to prevent self from the infection is to stay dry and avoid excess perspiration.

Excessive Sweating: Also known as Hyperhidrosis, causes excessive sweating in armpits, palms and sole of the feet. It worsens during the monsoon and causes body odour and infections due to non-dry sweat. The best is to take personal hygiene precautions. If it is still unmanageable, refer a good dermatologist.

Dull & frizzy hair: Women’s most common problem in monsoon. The moist air is havoc to those strands. However, we recommend you to consult an online nutritionist to seek the best guidance on hair health.

Pigmentation: Pigmentation is usually visible in the form of darkened skin, form in a patch. The cause is the production of a high concentration of melanin by melanocytes. It is best advised to use high SPF sunscreen even in monsoon. You can Consult a Dermatologist Online to seek advice over the best medicated SPF cream and lotion.

While monsoon has arrived in its form, so is the associated seasonal problems. We at Redheal connects you to the best dermatologist in Hyderabad for all the necessary consultation. Looking forward to serving you with the best.



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