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In our series of talking about monsoon related skin problems, here we are to discuss what all monsoon problems exist and how to best treat them.

Common Monsoon Skin Infection Diseases that you Should take all Necessary Precautions:

  • Scabies: Rain and escape from contaminated water are not happening! And contaminated water may give you scabies. Scabies is a contagious water-related disease caused by the presence of parasite mites. These are invisible with the naked eyes but are known to cause itching and skin rashes. If left untreated, it can be fatal and can be transferred to bed or clothing.
  • Eczema: If your skin is exposed to increased humidity during monsoon, it is bound to lose the moisture. With skin being dry, red, and itchy, can cause the non contagious dermatological condition. To get rid of the extreme dryness, make sure you apply salt and coconut oil on the affected areas of your skin. It is preferable to wear cotton clothes over silk, polyester, etc. This helps skin pores to breathe, thus avoiding skin irritation.
  • Athlete’s foot: Itching feet, also known as athlete’s feet are caused by a fungal infection. The mean reason for the cause is when the skin gets in contact with the puddles of water on the streets. It is not a serious skin infection but needs all the attention at constant itching can lead to other dermatological problems. Opt for close footwear to avoid getting in contact with the water.
  • Ringworm: The red dotted circular patches on the skin are the ringworm’s. These are usually caused on the armpits, soles of the pit and neck. They cause high itching and if not treated properly, can spread on the other parts of the body. Make sure you don’t share clothes with anyone in Monsoon and keep your skin clean always.

While Our Dermatologists at Redheal are available for Online Consultation 24X7, we also request you to pay attention to your skincare routine a bit more in Monsoon. Keep your feet clean and dry and make sure you use only dermatologist-approved products. For any guidance on the same, feel free to Book an Appointment Online at Redheal.



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