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Reasons To Eat Amla Every Day
Lifestyle Nutrition

14 Reasons to Eat Amla Every Day | Indian Gooseberry

Many Indian superfoods have come to the forefront due to the ongoing pandemic. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one such superfood, popular for its high

Diet for a healthy and warm winter

10 Foods to include in your Diet for a Healthy and Warm Winter

The winter season is almost upon us and it is time we heat up our bodies to maintain good health throughout the season. In addition

Top 5 Healthy Cooking oils

Healthy Top 5 Fat-Reducing Cooking Oils

Fat has always been seen as the villain of diets! And we all have forever been hunting to reduce the intake of fat in our

Immunity Boosters through Diet For Adults

Immunity Boosters through Diet For Adults

Boosting immunity is all we can now talk about. And why not? If anything is keeping us safe from the pandemic Covid-19 is the strong

Eating Disorder In Quarantine
General Health

Eating Disorders During Quarantine – Corona Virus

Eating Disorders During Covid-19 Quarantine: Quarantine life is tough! While we are not used to lockdown and we have talked about how it is affecting