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Kids Healthy Appetite: What to include and what not to

The eating habits of kids has always been a matter of concern for parents, with food industries spending billions of rupees on advertising junk foods

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How Much Protein do You Need on an Average?

Did you every scaled How much protein are you eating every day? Do you know how much protein do you need on an average? What

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Dizziness and it’s Causes | Side Effects | Remedies

Did you ever feel the world around you is spinning when you get off your bed in the morning? This is called as Dizziness. How

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OCD: Symptoms of OCD | Causes | Risk Factors of OCD

Did you ever wondered, “Why some people repeat doing the same things”? “Why people lock the doors again and again?” Why some people rub the

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Loss of Appetite: Symptoms, Causes & It’s Home Remedies

Is something making you hesitate you from eating your favorite foods? Do you feel filled even if you had less? Well, that could be “Loss

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Down with Headache? Causes | Symptoms | Home remedies

Are you down with a headache? Isn’t it getting normal even after a day? Well, you have to know first what is a headache and