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Do you feel filled even if you had less? Well, that could be “Loss of Appetite” | Loss of appetite | Loss of appetite causes

Is something making you hesitate you from eating your favorite foods? Do you feel filled even if you had less? Well, that could be “Loss

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Do you feel difficulty in getting into sleep? | Insomnia | Insomnia causes | Insomnia remedies

Do you feel difficulty in getting into sleep? Do you awake in the midnights and feel trouble going back to sleep? It is the sleep

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Hair loss | Hair loss causes | Hair loss treatment

Is Hair loss bothering you? What is hair loss? Hair loss or Alopecia is referred as to a loss of hair from parts of the

cold and flu
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Cold and Flu | Flu | Cold and Flu remedies

Cold or Flu, What’s the difference? The common cold is an illness caused by virus infection which enters through the nasal pathway. Fifty percent of

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Thyroid | Thyroid symptoms | Thyroid levels

Know your Thyroid! The thyroid gland is located in the middle of the front of the neck in the shape of a butterfly. It wraps

blood pressure
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Blood pressure | How to lower bloodpressure

Is your BP hitting high? Time to pause and care for yourself….. Blood Pressure is the pressure exerted on the walls of the blood vessels

Summer stress
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Stress | Stress causes | Managing stress

Kick your stress OUT this summer Stress is common to everyone in day-to-day busy life which effects physically and mentally. Our times are so filled

Summer Health
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Summer Health concerns| Tips to avoid illness

Summer is almost here. This time you should avoid the health issues that you have faced earlier. Here in India, summer is for holidays and

Smoking side effects
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Smoking side effects | How to control? | smoking | smoking is injurious to health

Smoking is the biggest cause of so many diseases. Every year people die with smoking-related diseases. Many people we know have a habit of cigarette. It

General Weakness
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Too Tired? Is it because of General Weakness? Know Symptoms Now

What is General Weakness? General weakness is the most common complaint. Weakness is a condition where you will feel exhausted and tired. Sometimes, it will