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Malnutrition | Malnutrition causes | Malnutrition symptoms

Does your kid push back the food bowl? Isn’t your kid growing by the age? It can be malnutrition. Well, what is Malnutrition and how

cold and flu
Asthma General Health Health & Living Healthy Kids

Cold and Flu | Flu | Cold and Flu remedies

Cold or Flu, What’s the difference? The common cold is an illness caused by virus infection which enters through the nasal pathway. Fifty percent of

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Thyroid | Thyroid symptoms | Thyroid levels

Know your Thyroid! The thyroid gland is located in the middle of the front of the neck in the shape of a butterfly. It wraps

blood pressure
Blood pressure General Health

Blood pressure | How to lower bloodpressure

Is your BP hitting high? Time to pause and care for yourself….. Blood Pressure is the pressure exerted on the walls of the blood vessels


Cavities | Teeth pain | Tooth cavity

Are you suffering from frequent cavities? Here are the tips to avoid teeth issues Toothache might often give you sleepless nights and if ignored is

Summer stress
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Stress | Stress causes | Managing stress

Kick your stress OUT this summer Stress is common to everyone in day-to-day busy life which effects physically and mentally. Our times are so filled

Summer Health
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Summer Health concerns| Tips to avoid illness

Summer is almost here. This time you should avoid the health issues that you have faced earlier. Here in India, summer is for holidays and

Cholesterol in thin people
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Is cholesterol possible in thin people? | cholesterol | cholesterol range

What do you know about cholesterol? Most of us have misconceptions about it. Know the reality behind this chronic disease. Do you think that skinny

Causes Bad Breath
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What Causes Bad Breath? Tips to Prevent | bad breath treatment

Is your breath putting you into shame? Is it making you feel uncomfortable getting close to someone? Yes, it does. Many of us have bad

Aloe vera importance
General Health

Aloe vera importance for skin, hair & Body weight | aloe vera uses

Aloe vera is highly utilized in beauty items. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and the capacity to help treat everything from clogging to diabetes.