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5 subtle warning signs of depression you shouldn’t ignore

10th September of every year is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD). It is observed since 2003 to create awareness and show worldwide commitment


10 tips for quick relief from Migraine

Have you ever felt that your head is going to split? Or maybe a throbbing pain on one side of your head? Did nausea and


Why you need spare Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

It’s not always that you foresee the trouble! Be it you are out on a trek, or travelling somewhere or just crashing on your couch


Nearsightedness (Myopia): Everything you need to know about it

If you have searched for and reached this article, you most probably suffer from nearsightedness or Myopia. Nearsightedness is one of the most common causes

what is acidity
Digestion General Health

what is acidity?| Acidity | Acidity symptoms

Be it a home or be it a party, you will always find someone who is burping continuously or feeling difficulty in eating the food.

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Why are you so Lazy? | laziness | laziness how to overcome

“Why are you so Lazy?” This is the most common thing people say when something is not being done. We usually don’t consider being lazy

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How much you heard about Keto Diet? | Keto diet | keto diet is it safe

Do you feel no change in your body although you follow a diet? Do you wish to lose weight and stay fit? Well, how much

Health & Living Womens Health

Is your skin getting dry? | vitamin d deficiency | vitamin d deficiency symptoms

Is your skin getting dry? Is it getting tough without sunscreen when you are out in the sun? Well, these can be the symptoms to

Asthma Diabetics General Health

Do you feel filled even if you had less? Well, that could be “Loss of Appetite” | Loss of appetite | Loss of appetite causes

Is something making you hesitate you from eating your favorite foods? Do you feel filled even if you had less? Well, that could be “Loss

General Health Health & Living Lifestyle

Do you feel difficulty in getting into sleep? | Insomnia | Insomnia causes | Insomnia remedies

Do you feel difficulty in getting into sleep? Do you awake in the midnights and feel trouble going back to sleep? It is the sleep