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Chickenpox In Children
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Home Remedies And Symptoms Of Chicken Pox : Precautions

Overview: Chickenpox in Children Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease caused by the Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV). It can cause itchy and blister-like rashes that appear

COVID-19 How it is going to end?

COVID-19: When and How it is going to end?

Its been over 7 months since the inception of COVID-19 and we are yet to make any positive development in bringing this raging virus to

Eating Disorder In Quarantine
General Health

Eating Disorders During Quarantine – Corona Virus

Eating Disorders During Covid-19 Quarantine: Quarantine life is tough! While we are not used to lockdown and we have talked about how it is affecting

Tips for Mental health

Tips from Psychiatrist for Better Mental health in Quarantine

Quarantine and social distancing aren’t the new terms anymore! While the measures have been taken by us all, the social distancing is taking a toll

Get Online Doctor Consultation.
Online Doctor Consultation

In Quarantine? Get Online Doctor Consultation.

Online Doctor Consultation: what is it? Doctor at your fingertips! Here is the minimalist explanation of what is online Doctor consultation. A new way to

Psychological Impacts of Quarantine

Most Common Psychological Effects of Quarantine

Another few days! And we understand how stressful it’s for you all! The mind is occupied with all the possibilities of uncertainty and fear. And