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Psychological impact of COVID-19 on children and how to help them develop socially

While we have so much to know about the ongoing pandemic and the deadly Coronavirus that caused it, we do know a bit about how


Can Vitamin C prevent you from CoVID-19?

Vitamin-C has always been a name associated with boosting immunity. However, with the ongoing pandemic and claims on Social Media that it helps prevent CoVID-19,

Coronavirus Gynaecologist

Pregnant and worried about Coronavirus in Pregnancy?

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly worldwide! And while most of the people are taking precautions to stay safe by all means, pregnant ladies are more worried!

General Health

Should you wear a mask while jogging?

The rise in Coronavirus cases worldwide has made everyone more conscious about their health. People around the world are using more sanitizer and wearing a


Mental health in Quarantine: Note from the psychiatrist

Quarantine and social distancing aren’t the new terms anymore! While the measures have been taken by us all, the social distancing is taking a toll

Online Doctor Consultation

In Quarantine? Get Online Doctor Consultation.

Online Doctor Consultation: what is it? Doctor at your fingertips! Here is the minimalist explanation of what is online Doctor consultation. A new way to


Coronavirus: The Must DO’s & Don’ts

Not make excuses.Excuses kill people! It certainly does! And so there is no reason or excuse big enough to make you not follow these dos


Coronavirus: What the Asthma Patients need to Know

With corona being a respiratory disease, people with Asthma are worried. As both the disorders affect the lungs, Asthma people are a concern to confuse