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Full Body Checkup With Free ECG at Home
Full Body Checkup With Free ECG at Home
Special Offer Package
60 Test Parameters
Free ECG test at Home - With 12 Channel ECG Machine
Get a Cardiologist Certified Report with in 10 Min.
INR 999/- Per Person
Normal - Any Age
Ideal 20 to 65 Years and Above
What preparation is needed for this Checkup?

Fasting is required for about 10 - 12 hours before the sample collection. Consumption of water is permitted.

Package Includes
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Free Sample Collection
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Includes 60 Test Parameters are

Liver Function Test (11) 

  • Serum Billiurubin (Total, Direct & Indirect)
  • SGOT / SGPT / Total Protein
  • Total Protein
  • Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Serum Albumin / Serum Globulin
  • AG Ratio, AST / ALT Ratio

Thyroid (3)

  • Total Triiodothyronine (T3)
  • Total Thyroxine (T4)
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (Tsh)

Kidney Function Tests (9)

  • Blood Urea / Uric Acid
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Uric Acid
  • e – GFR

Lipid (8)

  • Total Cholesterol
  • Ldl Cholesterol - Direct
  • Ldl / Hdl Ratio
  • Non-Hdl Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Tc/ Hdl Cholesterol Ratio
  • Hdl Cholesterol - Direct
  • Vldl Cholesterol

Diabetes (2)

  • Blood Sugar – Fasting (Optional)
  • HbA1c (Average Blood Sugar)

Complete Blood Count (27)

  • Hemoglobin/TC/DC/PVC
  • Platelet Count
Who should book this checkup?

Full Body Checkup is typically used when someone has symptoms, such as: 


  • High LDL or Bad Cholesterol
  • Blurred Vision
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain
  • Severe Head-Aches
  • Injuries 
  • Unexplained Nosebleeds
  • Trouble Talking
  • Changes in Skin Color
  • Difficulty Breathing or Swallowing
  • Loss of Balance
  • Fever
  • New-Onset Seizures
  • Vomiting 
  • Confusion
  • Persistent Cough
  • Changes in Bowel Movements
  • Hoarse Voice
  • Pain When Urinating 
  • Frequent Dizziness or Fainting Spells
  • Blood in Urine
  • Swelling in the Legs or Feet
  • Unusual Vaginal Discharge


Most importantly…

  • Every adult should get a comprehensive full body checkup every year or two. 
  • This Checkup is more frequently required if a person has risk factors like smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, diabetes, cancer, or heart disease, or if they are above 60.
  • It is necessary if there is unexplained bruising or bleeding from any area of the body, including blood clots in urine or stools. 


Why Redheal? 

  • Redheal offers a Free Home Sample Collection.
  • Samples are analyzed in accredited laboratories.
  • We assure that the reports are accurate.
  • e-Reports will be delivered within 12 hours after sample collection.
  • Based on the reports, we can schedule a doctor's appointment for you (if required)
  • We provide outstanding customer service from start to end.

“We provide our clients with a Complimentary ECG test in addition to all of the Full Body Checkup Parameters.”


What is the procedure in Redheal?

Steps in your checkup procedure include: 

  • Call us at +91 – 8800644744 to select a time and date for one of our representatives to come to your location to collect the test samples.
  • Make a note on the preparation guidelines that our executive explained during the call.
  • Prepare according to the instructions and get ready for the time slot you reserved.
  • Our representative will come to you and collect the samples.
  • Following sample collection, your reports will be delivered in less than 12 hours.

If necessary, you may consult with one of our doctors.


Benefits of Full Body Health Checkup:

A full body health checkup can be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. You can learn how healthy your Liver or Heart is and how you're doing with it in relation to the rest of your body.

Underlying Health Problems:

It also looks into whether there are any other underlying health issues, such as cancer or heart disease, that require treatment more urgently than what you're currently dealing with.

Monitor Health Issues: 

This check-up provides a report on current health conditions, enabling for changes in treatment based on whether they improve or worsen.

Early Detection: 

Detect health conditions before they manifest as symptoms, allowing for effective treatment and prevention of complications. 

Genetic Conditions: 

Full body check up screens for genetic conditions before they appear can help prevent the development of these conditions.


A full body health checkup will let you see what's going on with your organs and if they're starting to decline or not, so that you can do something about it.

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