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Test NamePrice
MRI Brain3500.00
MRI MRA1000.00
MRI MRV1000.00
MRI MR Spectroscopy2000.00
MRI MR Neck Angiogram2000.00
MRI Cervical Spine3500.00
MRI Dorsal Spine3500.00
MRI Lumbar Spine3500.00
MRI Stroke Package7000.00
MRI Contrast2500.00
MRI Foot Ankle Each3500.00
MRI Mammogram7000.00
MRI Screening Of Other Parts2000.00
MRI Whole Spine7000.00
MRI Orbit Both3500.00
MRI Shoulder Each3500.00
MRI Elbow Each3500.00
MRI Wrist Each3500.00
MRI Knee Each3500.00
MRI Pelvis4500.00
MRI Fistulogram4500.00
MRI KUB4500.00
MRI Abdomen4500.00
MRI TM Joint3500.00
MRI Inner Ear & Temporal Bone3500.00
MRI Neck Nasopharynx3500.00
MRI Chest4500.00
MRI MRCP4500.00

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