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Dental health relates to the teeth, gums, and mouth functioning. If not take proper care of your oral health, there’s a fear of diseases including tooth decay and gum problems. So, it’s always recommended to spend enough time protecting your teeth and gums by cleaning them.

Good dental health can promote your overall health, as most of the infections are caused due to entry through your mouth. Dental health care is always a part of overall body care, although there’s a separate diagnosis process from specialized dental doctors.

What does a Dentist do?

Dentists hold expertise in taking care of your teeth and mouth. You need to have an appointment with the dentist regularly to prevent any serious dental issues from occurring. It’s always helpful if you can see a dentist for maintaining a good level of dental health.

A dental surgeon treats the feeling of pain or discomfort in your teeth, jaws, mouth, or gums. Solutions or treatments are offered by dentists when you have trouble chewing or swallowing, and an appointment for overcoming such issues is a must.

A dentist performs several roles and most importantly they provide good dental hygiene to his/her patients. A dentist uses modern technology such as X-ray machines, drills, lasers, scalpels, brushes, and other medical tools to treat problems of the teeth, gums, and mouth.

Starting from the basic treatments to major surgeries, our dental doctor helps in finding the best solutions. The surgeries include root canal, porcelain veneers, dental bridges, gum surgery, dental implants, dental crowns, caps and more.

What are the common conditions that dentists treat?

The most common Dental Treatments are:

  1. Braces
  2. Bridges and Implants 
  3. Crowns and Caps
  4. Extractions
  5. Dentures
  6. Dental filling
  7. Gum Surgery
  8. Oral Cancer

One should always follow the general processes like brushing, flossing and getting regular cleanings to maintain a good oral health condition. 

What conditions say that you have a dental problem?

Dental issues are something you should not wait until you see a sign or symptoms. We recommend getting a dental check-up regularly. However, despite regular check-ups, if you still sense that there is something wrong with your oral hygiene, it is better to consult an expert dentist. Some of such conditions are:

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Chronic bad breath
  3. The clicking of the jaw
  4. Pain while chewing or biting
  5. Receding gums
  6. Root infection
  7. Sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  8. Sores or tender areas in the mouth for over a week
  9. Tooth crowding

What are the steps involved in Dental Treatment?

A Dental Treatment involves in:

  1. Diagnosing oral diseases
  2. Creating treatment plans for the oral health of their patients
  3. Promoting oral health and disease prevention
  4. Ensuring the safe administration of anaesthetics
  5. Analysis of x-rays and diagnostic tests
  6. Performing surgical procedures on the teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity.
  7. The best dental surgeon may also have an overview of the clinical team that is critical to effective oral care. With many repetitive procedures such as tooth extractions, fillings, and administering anaesthetics, they carry several responsibilities.

When is the right time to visit a dentist and for what reasons?

Starting with a minor dental issue? You need to hurry up and let dental problems go down before developing complications. It is always recommended to meet a dentist to catch up with corrective procedures and modern practices, despite the fear of pain developing in your mouth.

Where do I find a dentist in Hyderabad?

You can consider Redheal Lyfe Clinics as the best option to meet a Dentist in Kondapur, Hyderabad. Our experienced dental specialist appointment helps you overcome the worst situation of pain or discomfort in the tooth, gums, or mouth.

What are the specializations in dentistry?

The four major segments in dental care are endodontic (treatment of internal tissues), orthodontics (straightening and alignment of teeth and jaw), prosthodontics (cosmetic dentistry and implantation), and periodontics (gums and tissues treatment).

Are there dentists for treating children separately?

Of course! Pediatric dentists are the name of the cadre that treats children for dental problems. They are specialised in treating children's teeth and the few best dentist may also further work with other specialists if specific areas (gums, tissues, etc) are involved.

How to take proper dental care while playing?

Sports are a part of daily activities for many. Also, injuries to the mouth and teeth are quite common when playing outdoor games. So it’s always recommended to wear a mouth guard that fits properly to you and avoid any injuries that disturb your daily routine.

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Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

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            Dentists are healthcare professionals who specialize in treating diseases, injuries, and other abnormalities of the teeth and mouth. They restore teeth to their natural state, provide preventive care, and treat oral diseases. 

            Dentistry includes (but not limited to):


            • Diagnose conditions

            • Take X-rays

            • Apply sealants and fluorides to protect teeth from decay

            • Remove sutures

            • Repair chips or cracks in teeth

            • Treat infections or injuries to gums or the mouth lining

            • Administer local anesthetics for procedures like fillings and extractions and 

            • Provide advice on diet and home care

              Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the restoration, rehabilitation, and replacement of teeth. This specialty is focused on improving the quality of life for their patients. Prosthodontists are responsible for designing, fabricating, and placing implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures. 


              There are also oral surgeons who perform similar procedures as prosthodontists. Oral surgeons are trained to deal with complex dental situations that require extensive surgery or extractions.


                  A maxillofacial surgeon is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He or she treats conditions of the jaws, face, mouth, neck, and the related structures of the head and neck, such as the salivary glands, oral mucosa, tongue, lips and other areas.


                  Maxillofacial surgeons often work with dentists to replace missing teeth. They also work with otolaryngologists to diagnose and treat facial trauma. Maxillofacial surgeons are trained to handle a variety of conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region.

                    Periodontists are doctors who specialize in gum and tooth health. They are usually the first to spot signs of gum disease, which means they can take action early on, before it gets out of hand. By catching gum disease when it’s just starting, they can save you a lot of pain and complications in the future.

                    Periodontists are the experts in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases that affect the supporting structures of the teeth and other oral tissues. These treatments often include problems with gum disease, bone loss, dental implants and dentures, as well as periodontal plastic surgery.


                    Periodontists also perform a procedure known as scaling and root planing to remove plaque build-up in the mouth. This is done using ultrasonic instruments to gently remove the harmful plaque under your gum line. The process is painless and non-invasive.

                      Symptoms that may indicate periodontal disease include: 


                      • Bad breath or taste

                      • Red or swollen gums

                      • Tender or bleeding gums

                      • Chewing that pains

                      • Loose teeth

                      • Sensitive teeth

                      • Gums that pull away from teeth

                      • Problems in biting 

                      • Trouble with partial dentures etc.


                          Dental implants are a great alternative to traditional dentures and bridges, but they require a highly qualified dental professional to perform them. Not just anyone can do them. 

                          General dentists just assess if an implant is suitable for you and, if so, refer you to a dental specialist for the treatment. Dental specialists that may be called upon for the implants treatment are:


                          • Prosthodontists

                          • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons and 

                          • Periodontists

                            A few of the signs that require the attention of a dentist are as follows:



                            • Bleeding after brushing or flossing

                            • Receding gums

                            • Dry mouth

                            • Loose or shifting teeth

                            • Bumps and sores

                            • Ongoing Toothache

                            • Jaw pain and headaches

                            • Cracked or chipped tooth

                            • Abscessed tooth or swollen gums

                            • Temperature Sensitivity

                            • Problems with Dental Work etc.


                              Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that is focused on improving the appearance of a person's smile or teeth. It includes procedures such as teeth whitening, tooth straightening, veneers, dental implants etc.

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