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Online Doctor Consultation at Redheal

The internet has really changed our lives, and it can revolutionize the healthcare industry as well. The online doctor consultation is a new service that is gaining popularity in the medical industry. It is an online consultation with a medical professional who will analyze your medical problems and if necessary, doctors prescribe you medication or refer you to other medical specialists.

A patient can request an appointment by contacting Redheal and get a consultation via video call or phone call.


Advantages of Online Doctor Consultation

An Online Doctor Consultation is a Simple Way to Stay Healthy:

  • Eliminates waiting time to see the doctor

  • Saves travel expenses by not attending the appointment in person

  • No chance of catching viruses like corona

  • Makes it easier to discuss confidential health matters

  • Takes only a phone call to get instant medical help

  • No geographical limitations and you can get it from the comfort of your residence


Our Specializations:

  1. Dermatology
  2. Gastroenterology
  3. General Physician
  4. Gynecology
  5. Neurology
  6. Pulmonology
  7. Speech or Audio Therapy


Why Do People Choose Redheal?

Access to the Top Specialists: Redheal gives you access to skilled and experienced specialists who can provide the best and most accurate treatment.

e-Reports: Your prescriptions and reports are stored in your account, which you may access at any time and from any location.

Free follow up Appointments: You can take advantage of free follow-up sessions. We provide these frequently for our patients.

Privacy: We maintain your medical records private so that you may feel secure with our doctors.

Female Doctors Consultation: If you are a female and want to feel more comfortable when discussing your health issues, you can choose a female doctor.

No need of referral: Redheal's Doctors can be consulted with or without a referral.

Easy booking process: It is easy to schedule an online medical consultation with Redheal; directly contact: +91 - 88 00 644 744.


Our service hours:

Redheal's Doctors are accessible for online consultation from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM


Steps/procedure to book ODC with Redheal

  • Call: +91 – 88 00 644 744

  • Schedule appointment

  • Meet Doctor Online

  • Get e-Prescriptions

  • Attend Follow up consultations (if necessary)

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

You're only a phone call away. Contact us @ +91- 8800644744 Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your health concerns.

    No Need to Travel, Saves Your Money, Saves Time, Privacy and Security (HIPAA -Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Comfortable and Convenient, No-Risk of Infections from the Doctor’s Clinic, You can consult with the best but not the closest

      YES, Online Consultation is Legal in India.

        Click Redheal-Online-Doctor-Consultation

        • Select Specialisation and click on Submit button
        • Choose the doctor of your interest & Press Consult Online button
        • Fill the Details and Request for Booking

        The Redheal Support Team will get in touch with you and record your health issue, The time slot for your online consultation with the doctor will be communicated to you, You will receive a payment link on your phone to complete the transaction , Doctor Consultation Prescriptions will be sent to your phone via What’s app/E-mail

          Being the best health care provider in Hyderabad, Redheal is connecting the patients with the following highly skilled and dedicated specialists: Being the best health care provider in Hyderabad, Redheal is connecting the patients with the following highly skilled and dedicated specialists:

          • Cardiologist
          • Dentist
          • Dermatologist
          • Diabetologist
          • Endocrinologist
          • ENT/Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist
          • Gastroenterologist
          • General Physician
          • Gynecologist
          • Neurologist
          • Ophthalmologist
          • Orthopedist
          • Pediatrician
          • Psychiatrist
          • Pulmonologist
          • Radiologist
          • Sexologist
          • Urologist

            Yes!! Call Us @ +91-88 00 644 744

              It actually depends on the availability of the doctor you choose as well as on the patient’s emergency. But Redheal is the best at arranging quick doctor consultations compared to other health care providers in the market.

                The fees vary from doctor to doctor, but the starting price is 200/-

                  You can receive a 100/- discount on your first consultation and also Redheal often announces special deals and discounts on prices, which you might know about by calling us @ +91-88 00 644 744.

                    Yes, Redheal’s support team will refund your payment.

                      We schedule another slot for your consultation with the doctor provided, if your unavailability is reasonable.

                        YES, Redheal's Support Team will be sending you the required notifications on your phone.

                          You may need to speak with your insurance provider about this.

                            That’s obviously a rare thing with Redheal. Unfortunately, if that occurs we will enable you to re-select any other doctor you are interested in from our team, however we take the necessary actions to improve the quality of our services.

                              For video consultations, Redheal takes the advantage of Whats app, and audio consultations can be done over the phone. Note: It is recommended that you have an internet speed of 3-4 mbps for a better video calling experience.

                                The minimum time allowed for consultation is 15 minutes but it varies from patient to patient depending on the patient's health condition.

                                  We call you back in a moment if your internet connection is active.

                                    Yes, we offer more free follow-up checks as compared to other health care providers in Hyderabad. The number of free follow-up check ups per patient depends on the health problem and his / her previous consultation with Redheal.

                                      Yes. You are allowed to visit the same doctor you previously had an appointment with.-> Log in to your Redheal account->Go to your ->Previous bookings -> Select the doctor you consulted before & Consult again

                                        You can send the photo copies of your old prescriptions to the Doctor’s Whats app number.


                                            It is the patient’s choice whether to take advantage of Video calling or not and also sometimes you may be asked for video calling for the treatment purpose.

                                              YES, Of course!!! We Do. Call Us@ +91-88 00 644 744

                                                Your prescription will be sent to your What’s app number.

                                                  Appoints the best doctors to serve on the panel & Low consultation fees compared to other health care providers & Provides the finest consultation experience by establishing a trustworthy, encouraging, and friendly environment. & In fact Redheal allows you to meet the best doctors in medicine at low consultation fees but you may not find the opportunity to meet right away owing to their hectic schedules & Our team understands the patient's health condition and guides the patient in the right direction immediately by call or email.

                                                    The Redheal Support Team will send you a secured online payment link after booking the slot for consultation.

                                                      Doctors at Redheal are abiding by the HIPAA rules. However you can even enjoy your anonymity if you feel uncomfortable discussing your private health issues.

                                                        Yes, you have the option of selecting a doctor you are interested in from the panel of our specialists.

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