Redheal User Feedback Collection and Fraud Detection Policy

This policy document covers the philosophy, intent and methodology used by Redheal to collect Feedback from Patients about Doctors and other Practitioners who are part of the Redheal eco-system.

Philosophy and Intent At Redheal, we believe in transparency and authenticity, and these are the 2 primary pillars on which the Feedback collection system is built. We intend to help Patients make a well-informed decision when it comes to their Health and authentic Feedback helps them achieve that. Doctors being Redheal’s closest friends throughout our successful journey, would be the other beneficiary, with authentic Feedback circulating in the Patient circles.

How we collect Feedback As of now Redheal endeavors to reach out to the following group of authentic Patients:

1.Patients who have booked appointments through Redheal reaches out to these Patients via SMS/E-mail within 3 days after their scheduled appointment schedule and ask them for Feedback on their appointment experience at the Clinic with the Doctor. Redheal has complete ownership of this flow of feedback collection since Redheal is responsible for giving the best experience to patients booking an appointment.

2.Patients who have booked appointments with Doctors who use Redheal : In this scenario, Redheal seeks prior permission from the Owner of the Redheal enabled practice to collect feedback from Patients whose appointments have been booked by the practice using Redheal . Redheal then reaches out to these Patients via SMS/E-mail within 3 days after their scheduled appointment schedule. Please note that Redheal can only ask Patients for Feedback if the practice Owner has permitted Redheal to do the same, and any Feedback collected thereafter becomes a property of Redheal.

3.Patients who have booked appointments with Doctors who use the Redheal : Redheal has an in-built feedback module to collect patient feedback after their appointment. Redheal seeks prior permission from the Owner of the Redheal Tab to share this feedback with Redheal. Redheal then sends an auto-generated SMS to patients to obtain consent for sharing the feedback. It is also important to note that Patients who happen to book appointments via Redheal* with a Redheal-enabled Doctor/Clinic would fall in category (1) mentioned above.

Nature of Feedback The Redheal Feedback Collection System currently asks Patients about their appointment experience. The information collected would primarily be categorized as below:

1.Doctor recommendation – whether the patient would recommend the doctor to his/her friends and family.

2.Wait-time – how long the patient had to wait for his/her appointment.

3.Doctor Feedback – Patient’s testimonial about appointment experience with the Doctor

Authenticity of Feedback Collection As part of our efforts to collect and display authentic Feedback, Redheal abides by these set of rules:

1.A Patient would be probed with SMS/E-mail for Feedback on an appointment with a Doctor only once in a month.

2.A Patient cannot give multiple Feedback for a single appointment.

3.Appointments booked via Redheal includes (but not restricted to) appointments from the following sources:
i. Doctor and Practice profile on or smartphone apps
ii. Redheal Direct Contact
iii. Suggested by our tele-representatives.

By using this Website, you agree that any information shared by you with Redheal or with any Practitioner will be subject to our Privacy Policy. You are solely responsible for the content that you choose to submit for publication on the Website, including any feedback, ratings, or reviews (“Critical Content”) relating to Practitioners or other healthcare professionals. The role of Redheal in publishing Critical Content is restricted to that of an ‘intermediary’ under the Information Technology Act, 2000. Redheal disclaims all responsibility with respect to the content of Critical Content, and its role with respect to such content is restricted to its obligations as an ‘intermediary’ under the said Act. Redheal shall not be liable to pay any consideration to any User for re-publishing any content across any of its platforms.

Your publication of reviews and feedback on the Website is governed by Clause 5 of these Terms. Without prejudice to the detailed terms stated in Clause 5, you hereby agree not to post or publish any content on the Website that (a) infringes any third-party intellectual property or publicity or privacy rights, or (b) violates any applicable law or regulation, including but not limited to the IG Rules and SPI Rules. Redheal, at its sole discretion, may choose not to publish your reviews and feedback, if so required by applicable law, and in accordance with Clause 5 of these Terms. You agree that Redheal may contact you through telephone, email, SMS, or any other electronic means of communication for the purpose of: Obtaining feedback in relation to Website or Redheal’s services; and/or Obtaining feedback in relation to any Practitioners listed on the Website; and/or Resolving any complaints, information, or queries by Practitioners regarding your Critical Content; and you agree to provide your fullest co-operation further to such communication by Redheal. Redheal’s Feedback Collection and Fraud Detection Policy, is annexed as the Schedule hereto, and remains subject always to these Terms.

These terms were last updated on January 27, 2017