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Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad

Redheal is the best option for root canal treatment in Hyderabad. Redheal has the most advanced equipment and best doctors who are highly qualified, trained and experienced to perform root canal treatment. We use the latest technology based on the latest scientific studies. Our aim is to provide friendly, affordable and high-quality services to our patients.

We believe that everyone should have access to quality dental care at an affordable cost, which is why we strive to expand our range of services every day.

Root Canal

The term “root canal” is referred to both the deep part of a tooth containing nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells, also known as the pulp, and to the dental procedure known as Endodontic therapy (or) Root canal Treatment that is used to remove injured or infected material of a tooth, known as the pulp. Healthy pulp usually helps the tooth grow.


Symptoms or Signs that Need a Root Canal Treatment


1. Persistent Tooth Pain

Toothaches are among the most common reasons why people seek dental care. Most toothaches occur when a cavity has reached the nerve of the tooth. When this happens, the nerve becomes inflamed, leading to pain and discomfort that can be extremely difficult to bear. A root canal procedure removes the damaged nerve from the tooth and eliminates the pain.


2. Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

Some people suffer from tooth sensitivity to heat or cold when nerves are exposed to hot or cold foods or liquids. The reason for this is due to microorganisms present inside the tooth which can cause infection, swelling and pain. In general, root canal therapy is used to treat this extreme sensitivity, which involves removing infected tissue and cleaning the infected area.


3. Pain when you eat or touch the Tooth

Symptoms of a root canal also include pain when eating or touching the tooth, constant pain in the gums, jaw, or face, and fever or chills. If the pain is due to an infection, it can be treated with antibiotics, but if it is caused by a cracked tooth or a broken filling, you may need root canal treatment to save the tooth.


4. Dark Discoloration

There are many reasons that your teeth may darken or discolor. Suffering from dark discoloration is a sign of a root canal infection. Root canal infections are mainly caused by bacteria, so if you have dark discoloration in your teeth, you may want to seek treatment from a dentist.

However, dark discoloration of teeth can also be caused due to staining from food and beverages, tobacco use, or other underlying diseases.


5. Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Many tooth injuries are minor and can be treated with a simple filling. However, if your tooth is chipped or cracked, it needs more than just a filling. When the outer shell of a tooth is broken or cracked, there is nothing to hold the tooth together, so you will have to have a root canal. This involves removing the infected pulp in your tooth and replacing it with filling material.


6. Swollen Gums

Did you know that swollen gums are one of the possible symptoms of a root canal? The most common sign of a root canal is swelling and tenderness in the surrounding tissues. Swollen gums can also be caused by other dental procedures like fillings, crowns, and dentures. In extreme cases, infections may set in and root canal may be needed.


7. Tender Gums

Although there are numerous causes of tender gums, root canal can also be one of them. Knowing what is causing gum sensitivity will aid in the proper treatment. As a result, rather than reaching a self-conclusion, it is important to consult a dentist for an accurate diagnosis.


8. Bumps on the Gums

The bumps on the gums would include redness, swelling and pain. This occurs when bacteria from the teeth gets into the tooth pulp. Root canal treatment is performed when the nerve of the tooth is infected or inflamed. This helps in preventing further infections inside the tooth. But one has to visit a dentist to identify the exact cause of this problem and then initiate treatment accordingly.


9. Tooth Mobility

Tooth mobility frequently requires a root canal. If left untreated, it can lead to the loss of natural teeth. Root canal treatment procedure is used to save the tooth from dying and becoming non-functional.


When to see a Doctor?

A root canal is not necessary for all types of tooth pain. As a result, it is always recommended to consult a doctor for personalized care. However, treatment is necessary if the signs of infection are severe.

“One of the most common signs of a problem with your tooth's root is pain. If you're experiencing trouble doing regular things like drinking or eating with pain, you should contact a dental professional asap.”


Root Canal Procedure

When you have a root canal treatment or endodontic therapy, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleansed and disinfected before being filled and sealed with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material. After that, the tooth is protected with a crown or filling and continues to operate normally.



Step 1: Local Anesthesia - To keep you from feeling any pain during the treatment

Step 2: Removing the pulp

Step 3: Antibiotics - To prevent re-infection

Step 4: Filling


Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

  • It Stops the Spread of Infection to Neighboring Teeth
  • It has a Virtually Appealing Result
  • It Aims to Save Your Teeth
  • It Prevents the Jawbone to Degenerate
  • It Enhances Oral and Overall Health


Benefits of Root Canal Treatment over Traditional Methods

One of the benefits of the root canal treatment is that extractions can be avoided, and the tooth can be “saved”. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia, therefore it is completely painless.

Other advantages include:

  • No pain
  • Saves Time
  • Durable and Long-lasting
  • Retains Original Tooth
  • Protects Neighboring Teeth
  • Natural Chewing Ability Teeth


How does Redheal help me with the Root canal Treatment?

Following are the Root canal treatment benefits through Redheal

  • Simple booking procedure
  • Lowest Diagnostic and treatment costs
  • Frequent offers and discounts on fees for both new and old customers
  • Excellent customer support from start to finish
  • Pick and drop facility
  • 24/7 care
  • Free follow up sessions
  • EMI option
  • Insurance acceptance etc.


Root Canal Treatment cost in Hyderabad

Root canal treatment cost in Hyderabad varies from person to person and depends on many factors such as severity, number of teeth to be treated etc. however,  root canal treatment cost in Hyderabad usually ranges from Rs. 5000 – Rs. 15000/-

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Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

A root canal is performed when the soft inner part of a tooth, known as the pulp, is injured or infected. Removing injured or infected pulp is the best way to preserve the structure of the tooth.

Common causes of damage to the pulp include: 

  • Deep decay due to untreated cavities
  • Multiple dental procedures on the same tooth
  • Crack or chip in the tooth
  • Faulty crown
  • leaky fillings

    Over the last few decades, root canal treatments have advanced dramatically. As a result, most patients now report feeling relaxed and pain-free during the operation. This is because of the use of local anesthesia to numb the area during the surgery. It in fact, provides relief to the patient, especially if the pulp inflammation causes significant pain, necessitating root canal treatment.

      A root canal treatment can take somewhere between 60 to 90 minutes on average for the entire session, but more difficult procedures can take longer.

        For a day or two after the surgery, you may have pain, soreness, or swelling. So, pain relievers and antibiotics may be prescribed by your dentist to aid in your recuperation. Within 24 hours, most people are back to their regular activities. You should have a crown placed on top of your tooth after the root canal treatment, in order to keep it safe.

          It is usually not more painful than a standard dental filling. However, it’s common to experience mild to moderate pain for a few days after the treatment. Common Reasons for the tooth pain after Root Canal treatment include inflammation, infection, large fillings, incomplete procedure, and damage to the surrounding tissue etc. In most cases, tooth pain will go away on its own, but if it is severe or lasts more than five days, you should see a dentist as soon as possible.

            As there are so many factors to be considered, it is quite difficult to predict the durability of your root canal. But when performed by a well experienced endodontist, the procedure is quite likely to last a decade or perhaps a lifetime. However, we do know that a root canal treatment is an effective treatment for saving an infected tooth.

              A root canal treatment may be done by your dentist or an Endodontist. Endodontists are trained specialists for root canal and other dental procedures.

                • Pulp capping
                • Pulpotomy
                • Tooth extraction
                • Apicoectomy
                • Endodontic treatments etc.

                However, root canal treatment is the best and effective treatment among other treatments for saving an infected tooth.


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